Podcast: How Digital Technology Can Better Manage Enquiries For Care Homes

As experts in care home management software, CoolCare Managing Director, Fiona Hale, was invited to take part in a podcast hosted by SpringUp PR to provide her expertise on how digital technology can help care homes better manage their occupancy enquiries.

In this episode they reveal:

  • What role digital technology plays in managing care home enquiries
  • How software can help improve care home occupancy, efficiency and digital record-keeping of enquiries
  • Who within care homes should use and access data
  • The cost benefits of using digital technology to manage enquiries, particularly in comparison to paper-based systems
  • How software helps record accurate information from any individual enquiry, including assessing KPIs
  • How digital technology helps prioritize enquiry management, can schedule in dates to follow up on enquiries and records conversion rate of enquiry to resident
  • How social media can help get PR messages to the public and prospective families