About Us

We’re all about ease. 

CoolCare is intuitive care home management software that will help you manage your care home easily and efficiently from anywhere in the world.

We have first-hand experience in care home management, having built and operated care homes ourselves for decades. CoolCare4 has therefore been designed from a position of understanding.  It is the latest iteration of our already popular care home management software (first launched in the 90s!), which is used and loved by hundreds of care homes across the UK.

Because of that, we know the complexities of invoicing; we know a care home never closes; we know staff rotas can change frequently – we understand your business.

Your staff will find CoolCare intuitive and user-friendly.  It’s quick and accessible from any device with an internet connection.  Importantly, that means you will get full and accurate data to help you improve your business operations.

Expertly designed to be your handy go-to tool for managing costs and maximising your revenue.

CoolCare is, therefore, the embodiment of our ethos of providing great value, specialist and user-friendly care home management software

Our insight into what working in care is really like is unique. Whether a Chief Executive, HR Manager, Financial Controller or Care Home Administrator, we truly understand.

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Our Partners

Digital transformation of the care sector is well underway. Each care home is unique, with its own style of management, its individual care offering and methods for training staff.  In the modern care home business, it’s all about finding the digital solutions that suit your way of working.

CoolCare partners with providers of complimentary software so you can build a suite of software packages, tailored to your business.

Here are a few of our awesome partners:

CoolCare Care Software Partners

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The Team

Fiona Hale
Fiona Hale
Managing Director
Leigh Ellis
Leigh Ellis
Technical Director
Iain Corrigan
Iain Corrigan
Sales Team Leader
Fiona Hale
Managing Director

Fiona is our strategic lead and is responsible for CoolCare’s growth strategy.  Working closely with Leigh she sets the product vision, guiding development through operational insight, whilst leading the team to create an exceptional customer experience.  Fiona oversees internal operations across product specification, delivery and communication.  She identifies exciting commercial opportunities and develops strategic partnerships for CoolCare which will benefit our customers. Her favourite part of working at CoolCare is helping her super-passionate team to deliver great results for customers!

Leigh Ellis
Technical Director

Leigh is CoolCare’s technical lead, responsible for the business’ technical strategy and the infrastructure that the platform runs on. With Fiona, he ensures that the Development Team is working efficiently to enhance CoolCare4 with improvements, new features and functionality. Overseeing the Support Team alongside Mike, he ensures the team has the technical resources available to help CoolCare customers as effectively as possible. His favourite part of working at CoolCare is seeing the teams solve problems by working together.

Iain Corrigan
Sales Team Leader

Iain’s role is to inform and educate the UK care home market on the benefits and cost reductions achievable from using CoolCare products. He runs the day to day management of the sales team, focussing on exceeding sales targets, company growth and individual team member’s personal development. As a consultative sales professional of 20 years+ he loves meeting new and interesting people, finding out their needs and demonstrating how CoolCare will meet and exceed their expectations. Iain’s favourite part of working at CoolCare is being an important member of a passionate, caring team of professionals, all dedicated to outstanding customer service, working together to make CoolCare the market leader in care home management software.


Vincent Kinderis
Management Accountant

Vincent is responsible for looking after our customers’ financial enquiries.  Vincent is always willing to go that extra mile to make sure our customers have the financial information they need, on time. Vincent works with Richard to strike excellent deals with our suppliers to make sure we are always providing our customers with the best value product possible.  Vincent is very excited to be a part of the CoolCare team, which provides an amazing and cost saving product – CoolCare!

Heidi Wilkinson
Operations Manager

Heidi’s role gives her operational oversight across all departments in CoolCare.  She works closely with the Directors to structure, prioritise and roll-out projects in line with the company strategy.

She enjoys tackling issues to ensure the service we provide to our customers is always excellent and runs like clockwork, even when unexpected situations arise.

Maurice Sharp
Training Team Leader

Maurice has over 10 years of software training experience and has delivered online and in person training across the UK, Ireland and around the world.


As Training Manager Maurice works with his team to ensure each customer has the perfect experience of CoolCare from the very beginning of their journey. Taking on something new can sometimes be daunting and Maurice will work with you on making sure you are up and running as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Lorna Blighton
Customer Success Team Leader

Lorna is actively involved in ensuring that our customers have a seamless journey whilst using our continually evolving product. Her passion for dealing with customers at any level is paramount and she loves to try and help anybody needing her assistance.

Her mantra is that through strong communication and following up on any queries or issues raised by customers that makes a company successful.

Lorna enjoys utilizing everybody’s ideas as to how to drive the company forwards and deliver for all our many segments and vast range of customers. She loves working alongside her colleagues at Coolcare and the abundance of energy and positivity that they all share.

Stuart Grossman
Regional Business Development Manager

Stuart is our Regional Business Development Manager. He consults with CoolCare’s customers, and those looking for care home management software, to see how CoolCare can best serve their business needs.

Helen Chermside
Customer Success Manager

Helen is passionate about delivering excellent customer service to all of our customers. Working closely with the  Sales, Finance and Software Support teams on a daily basis, she helps with a spectrum of questions and queries to ensure our customers get the best outcome so they can carry-on enjoying CoolCare. She loves working in an entrepreneurial environment where all ideas are welcomed, with each team member adding insight from their variety of skills and knowledge, to drive CoolCare forward.


Sam Reynolds
Software Trainer

Sam delivers training throughout the UK, ensuring that all customers can use CoolCare4 to its full potential. Sam quickly puts even the most computer-phobic customers at ease. He enjoys delivering one-to-one training as well as training larger groups. His favourite part of work is watching the look on the faces of customers when they see some great functionality of CoolCare4 which will either save time or improve their working lives.

Derek Casey
Software Trainer

Derek is one member of the CoolCare training team, responsible for delivering training to all of CoolCare’s customer base. Working along with the other team members he ensures that the Training Team deliver effective training of Coolcare4 and meet all of our Coolcare4’s customers training needs. His favourite part of working at CoolCare is seeing our learning put to use, ensuring our customers use CoolCare4 to its maximum potential and therefore, ensure its effective use in their care home.

Mike Heckman
Support Services Team Supervisor

Mike is passionate about customer service. As the Support Services Team Supervisor, he is putting that passion into practical use to continually improve our service to our customers and ensuring they have a fantastic experience when calling us for support. His favourite thing about CoolCare is that as a small company, CoolCare is able to maintain an amazing relationship with our customers and use this to adapt and improve our products promptly and in line with customer needs.

Sam Spain
Senior Developer

Sam is one of the team’s newest members as a recent computer science graduate from Hull University. Sam is learning to work with the CoolCare team by helping build new features and maintain existing ones. While very new to the CoolCare development team, he is enjoying working with so many friendly and professional teammates.

Matt Dykes

Matt has worked in the CoolCare support team since September 2017. In addition to dealing with general support calls, he is responsible for migrating existing CoolCare3 customers onto CoolCare4. Matt takes a lot of pride in making sure that everything is set-up and ready for customer to upgrade seamlessly onto their new care home management software.  His favourite part about working at CoolCare is the team of dedicated support engineers he gets to work alongside.

Sarah Saddington

Sarah’s job is to assist with any customer query or issue, helping the customer to get the very best that their CoolCare solution has to offer.

Sarah’s favourite thing about working for CoolCare is being part of a friendly and knowledgeable team.

Phil Bodiam

Phil’s role at CoolCare is as a Customer Support Engineer.

His job is to speak with customers about any concerns, queries or problems, and provide a solution for them.

This means our customer will always experience the best the system has to offer, and know support is close to hand should there be any issues.

Phil’s favorite thing about working at Coolcare is that he gets to constantly help people and learn a variety of different skillsets

Benjamin Mann

Benjamin became a member of the support team in April 2021. He is very personable and thrives to put his customers at ease when dealing with the issues they bring to his attention. His favourite parts of working at cool care are helping customers get what they need to ease their work and working alongside such a strong and friendly team.

Peter Nicholson
Development Team leader

Peter is responsible for overseeing the technical architecture of CoolCare and works towards improving our development practices. He is changing how we work internally to improve the efficacy of our code, fix bugs quicker and build high quality features. Peter loves the freedom to continuously improve and feed that back into the team so that our customers get an ever-evolving and improved care home management solution.  If you are ever in the office, make sure to check out Peter’s legendary t-shirts!

Andrew Barker

Andrew is one of our Team Leaders. He works on improving the performance and adding new functionality to the CoolCare system. This helps our customers to get the most out of the system so they can reduce the time they spend on CoolCare, giving them more time on their role at the care home. His favourite part of working at CoolCare is adding functionality to reduce the complexity of the system for customers.

Thomas Gardner

Tom is a front-end developer and is responsible for how CoolCare4 looks and feels.  He aims to enhance the user experience by reducing the user input required to use the system, in addition to improving the responsive design across a multitude of device platforms.  His favourite part of working at CoolCare is knowing that all of his hard work will benefit users in care homes across the country.

Asha George
Quality Assurance Tester

Asha is one of our eagle-eyed testers. She contributes to the improvement of CoolCare’s quality by testing the application and trying her best to find bugs as well as suggesting ideas for improvements. She views Coolcare’s functionality from different customers’ perspectives and continually tests the product to ensure CoolCare is truly an exceptional product that always meets the expectations of all our users. Nothing gets past her easily! Her favourite part is being able to build quality into CoolCare to create the best customer experience of the product.


Stephen Williams
Graduate Developer

Since starting out as part of the software support team Stephen has since joined the CoolCare Development Team. He is a whizz at getting to grips with our customers suggestions and implementing features which will meet their needs. Stephen takes a lot of enjoyment from helping customers resolve their CoolCare queries and putting their minds at ease. His favourite part of working for CoolCare is working with his colleagues to deliver an excellent customer experience.

Jack Morley

Jack is the newest member of the development team, and he is looking forward to building and maintaining the CoolCare system to improve the standard of care for residents across the country. He has keen eye for detail and is always committed to his work. Jack hopes that he can be a useful asset to CoolCare and is looking forward to working with the team.

Bogdan-Florian Anea
Student Placement Developer

Bogdan has recently joined our development team to help with extending one of our existing products. He is a student at Coventry University and whilst on placement with us, he is looking to bring value to our customers by creating cool features with great care to meet business requirements. He enjoys the feeling of getting things done and moving forward to the next challenge.