Data Access and Security

Secure Remote Working

Technology is a fantastic thing and with the development of mobile devices, office-based data access is no longer a restriction. It means we are contactable remotely and can work on the move.

CoolCare4 customers have the freedom and flexibility to access their data wherever they are, on whichever platform they prefer. Permitted users can access information quickly and easily from anywhere in the world (with internet access).

Restrict Data Access

It’s up to you who can see and access what. When you set up your CoolCare4 account, you will be able to change the access each user has to the system. Make sure your team can only see the sections which relate to them and their role, reducing risk of inputting errors and protect your data subjects’ privacy.

It’s your data, it is up to you who can see it.

Secure data

Data Security

CoolCare has a number of security measures in place to ensure your data is stored and accessed safely:

  • Encryption on transfer
  • Tailored user-access restrictions
  • Industry Standard Firewall
  • On-site backups for fast access
  • Off-site backups for extra resilience
  • Load-balanced servers for 24/7 access
Secure on all platforms