Using employee management software to Iron out issues with staffing processes delivers happier, more content staff

We live in a world that’s much more integrated. Bit by bit, we’re adopting technology that makes everyday life more streamlined. Our groceries come to us at the tap of an app. We carry boarding passes on our phones and a lifetime’s worth of music in our pockets.

The digitisation of our personal lives has made it easier to juggle the daily demands, but what’s even clearer is that it just can’t stop when we arrive at work. As professionals, we should always be striving to make things run more smoothly from a business point of view and introducing a system that features employee management software, is a great way to do that.

Your staff expect you to keep up with the times and, if you don’t, they could vote with their P45s, and replacing good, skilled staff can be a drain on your time – so avoid it if you can.

It’s been reported by the Communities and Local Government (CLG) Committee that half of care workers (48 per cent) leave within a year of starting, with the annual turnover rate for nurses working in social care at 36 per cent –  strong statistics like these are extremely important for care operators and by introducing employee management system technologies, which can ease the pressure.


1. Using Employee Management Software to Empower your staff

You know that the sole purpose of your business is to take care of people and there’s a way in which you can take care of everyone without compromising that care and attention that your residents enjoy.

Care home management systems are perfectly placed to alleviate some of the pain points that comes with managing staff. By making timesheets digital,  you can know who was where and when without having to track through a long paper-trail and quizzing staff about their whereabouts.

CoolCare has an amazing ‘Snap to Shift’ function that ‘snaps’ the staff member to an agreed shift length.  For you, this removes hours of juggling people about or spotting issues. For your staff, it means that they can instantly see their shifts, holidays and hours worked.

By utilising the many features of employee management software, you can implement slick processes like these it frees up valuable time  as the system does all of the checking for you, allowing you to focus on other areas of the business. It also gives your staff a sense of independence – there’s no need for micro management and they can see for themselves the hours worked giving them full transparency.

It’s so simple – a business that values its staff enough to work with them has a much greater chance of having a happy, valued team who show their loyalty through their commitment to the company. Systems, like CoolCare, mean that you can plug the gaps that can, and will, pop up at the last minute. Round-the-clock care means that you need to count on your staff day and night, but an employee management system shows instantly who is more likely to be able to step in at short notice.

Staff are living and working in a digital world and they expect their employers to keep up with the times, not just in terms of an effective business, but so that they feel staff needs are just as much of a priority as the residents they care for.

Visit our site for more information on CoolCare4 and the features of our care home management system. If you have any questions or want to find out more, contact us and our team of experts will be happy to help.