Using Care Home Occupancy Management to Get Ready for the Annual Christmas Boost?

It’s no secret that the peak time for resident enquiries in the care home industry is winter and, in particular, the Christmas period. Whether it’s requests for some much-needed respite over the holidays or a more permanent move in to care, it’s critical that you’re prepared for your busiest time of the year.

You can’t tell what sort of numbers are coming your way over Christmas or how weather will impact figures, but you can make sure that you can maximise your residency opportunities by staying on top of your enquiries and occupancy rates with effective care home occupancy management.


What exactly are the challenges with care home occupancy management?

You already know that your bottom line is everything, but do you sometimes feel like you’re on the backfoot when you get a sudden flurry of new interest? Empty rooms don’t pay, but the continual flow of incoming residents enquiries can be tricky to manage. While the Government and NHS publish warnings of tough winters and flu epidemics, outbreaks of illnesses such as these can drive care home applications up – and you know the usual flurry of Christmas applications is on the horizon. It is at this busy time of year, that getting on top of occupancy management for your care home is incredibly important, not just for your staff but for the residents as well.


How can you make the most of the Christmas surge?

Traditionally, care homes had to rely on common sense and outline numbers from previous years, but this can take time to co-ordinate and it may not generate a clear enough picture to make strong strategic decisions.

Turn to technology, more specifically, care home management software that has occupancy management features and there’s a different, more qualified outlook on offer.


From the get-go

Care home management systems, including CoolCare, allow you to streamline and boost your enquiry management from potential residents. Designed by care specialists for care homes, this CRM system ensures that your admissions team focuses their attention on dealing with the enquiry, capturing all of the relevant data to make accurate assessments, allowing your management team an overview of your current status so they can easily track lead generation and conversion rates in moments.


Using Care Home Occupancy Management to Boost Operational Efficiency

All businesses (not just care homes) are looking for ways to boost operational efficiency, care home management systems like CoolCare work intelligently to save you time that you can reinvest back into other areas of your care home.

You can be sure that no stone is left unturned when it comes to capturing every piece of information that is needed at point of enquiry (including GDPR compliance), with it’s easy to use and navigate reporting functionality you can see the status of each enquiry whether it be a brochure request, assessment booked through to successful admission – so you have a complete picture of your enquiries and are in full-control. This ultimately allows you to optimise your care homes occupancy management system and get the most out of the busy Christmas period.

While you can’t decide how they winter weather will affect your numbers, you can put yourself in the best possible position to work with what’s coming your way.