It Takes Exceptional Leaders in Care

CoolCare Director, Fiona Hale, explores the lesser discussed aspects of care home management and what it takes to be an exceptional care sector leader.
Last month saw CoolCare attend the Leaders in Care 2018 celebrations in London where the great and the good of the care home sector gathered to celebrate the sector and all who work in it. CoolCare joined the celebrations as proud sponsor of the Executive Management Category. Looking through the successful nominees made us stop and think, why do these exceptional management abilities not get talked about more?

Successfully managing a commercially efficient care business – whether a single care home, a private equity backed group, or a not-for-profit – is often underestimated and therefore under recognised, yet it takes a set of highly specialist skills to do so.

Those providing hands-on care, on the frontline in the care home looking after residents, are the first people most think of when considering successful care management. Understandably so as they do magnificent work!

Standing behind them though, often invisible to the outside world, are those who ensure there is a care home to be managed in the first place.

Juggling priorities

These individuals have a real grasp of the big picture. Executive managers must be knowledgeable about every element of care home management from health and safety and building maintenance through financial management, legal requirements and policy updates. They understand that if their front-line teams are suitably placed to manage the daily administration, it frees-up their time from ‘the grind’ of admin and enables them to be the care heroes they should be.   Residents are left more content, staff morale increases and the business is helped to thrive.

Managing such efficiencies at the same time as improving care standards, planning cap-ex investment, increasing revenues and overseeing a complex operational business takes a truly remarkable individual.

Why don’t we hear more about these skills ? 

The industry is full of best-practice, with great examples of how this complex business model can be delivered in a way which benefits shareholders, staff and residents alike.  Talking about it and celebrating residential care operational models, will help the whole industry to operate as efficiently as possible in this challenging funding environment.

From speaking to the nominees, it’s often the little things that make the difference.  Their success is sustained through well-defined processes, clear structures and consistency, and is underpinned by strong communication channels. By getting under the skin of these inspirational business leaders, we can start to understand what makes their business tick and how this can be applied more generally.

Let’s keep the conversation alive!

To do so, we start a sector-wide conversation about these lesser-discussed elements of the care sector.

CoolCare is passionate about care home management. The Executive Management Category of “Leaders in Care” thoroughly encapsulated our ethos and so it was a real honour to sponsor it and be a part of the day.

We are going to endeavour to keep the conversation alive and delve into these topics in more detail.  Our ear is to the ground…