How to Connecting Digitally With Your Team Leads to a Happier Workforce.

Whether you go digital or not is a most likely now a moot point for your employees. Long are the days where employees found out key information from a piece of paper on the noticeboard or even waiting in line to speak to the manager, an easy way to empower your team is to let them have control and visibility through their mobiles.

How? Digital rota systems, like CoolCare, switches your manager from reactive mode, it makes daily challenges such as managing short-notice illness, and annual leave requests a thing of the past – the request process and authorisation can be done at the touch of a button.

Connect Your Team with Tech.

Technology delivers smart solutions that take the hard work out of everything. From accessing online training courses or trying to remember extra shifts available for cover – all of this can fits in the palm of your employees’ hands, through the online portals. It makes life easier for your teams to stay updated, but it also cuts the time and human resource needed to physically find files and have a phone-around to update people in person.

Seamless Connectivity

In a world where truth and transparency are becoming ever more important, having an easy-to-use platform that let’s your rota manager pop shifts that need filled out to everyone at the same time gives equal earning opportunity across the team. It creates a sense of common purpose across the team and can dramatically reduce the need to turn to bank staff. As well as protecting your bottom line, you’re also ensuring that your residents are more likely to see faces they know every day.

Awesome Automation

It’s easy to think that having increased automation means that you’re missing out on the critical points of communication that creates the heart of your team. However, by giving staff access through their smartphones and home laptops, you’re freeing up time to catch up with them about how they’re feeling and spend a time making sure that they’re feeling valued and part of the team.

To find out more about how CoolCare can help you to defuse stress and tension within your team with a more empowered happier workforce, speak to us today.