Dryfemount Care Adopt Innovative Software to Improve Management Efficiency

Set near the idyllic Dumfriesshire countryside, in the town of Lockerbie, you will find Dryfemount Residential Care Home. Like many care homes, Dryfemount has lots of data to manage.  They wanted to reduce the amount of paperwork, printing and scanning their team had to process.  The team wanted a solution that would save time and give them the information they need as quickly as possible.

As a result, in 2018 they were one of the first providers to jump onboard with care home management software CoolCare4.  We caught up with Home Manager, Melanie Wilson, and her colleagues to see how the new system is helping their home’s efficiency.

So…what do they think?!

Melanie has used many different systems in previous roles, so she’s got lots of points of reference.  Going for a brand-new piece of technology was therefore a bold move but she was extremely pleased with the decision:

I absolutely love CoolCare4: the way it looks and feels is great. The dashboard makes getting key information quick and easy and features like Occupancy Management are unique and useful. Using this kind of system really speeds up our work and means getting the data is really easy. We’re really benefitting from using the enquiry management, it makes following up and keeping track of our enquiries so much easier.

Consulting Director, Sandra Cooke, couldn’t help but jump in to contribute:

Can I just say that as a director I absolutely love the front page, I love how it highlights any overdue tasks so they can be addressed without delay.  It’s just so easy to use and I can see exactly what I need to with ease in regard to service delivery to our residents, occupancy, finance, everything is at your fingertips and can be accessed where ever I am- I don’t need to be in the office!

Ease of implementation

They admitted that bringing in the new system had proved daunting, especially being early adopters as they weren’t sure what to expect.  Getting all the data into the system proved to be really easy and the support they have received from the CoolCare team whenever they had a question meant they got everything set-up quickly.  As a result, the team have found it “tremendous” for evidencing. Melanie continued:

We love the way you can access everything so easily, there’s no going through boxes and boxes. It’s easy to use and intuitive. Using CoolCare4 saves us a lot of time and admin is so much easier. It is so great to evidence information and have it to hand when we need it, we can see straight away what needs doing or updating – no more guesswork.


 It’s clear that for Dryfemount, the ease of use of CoolCare4 has really helped their operations. Melanie told us she was keen to recommend CoolCare to other companies:

It’s a great tool, it’s user friendly and it helps so much with auditing. It pulls several of the systems you have into one, especially the HR side. CoolCare4 looks and feels great, it’s nice to use and simple even if you’re not that tech-savvy.