CoolCare’s Cool Water Challenge: Making a Splash for the Alzheimer’s Society

Supporting CoolCare’s charity of the year – The Alzheimer’s Society High school friends Michelle Costello (CoolCare’s Charity Champion) and Andrea Harland took on the Cool Water Challenge – Making a Splash for the Alzheimer’s Society and rode the wave to the finishing line.

Recent studies of open water swimmers detected proteins that have the potential to slow the onset of dementia.  Michelle, a regular runner that holds the Alzheimer’s Society close to her heart and no stranger to charity fundraising events, alongside her friend Andrea welcomed the challenge of swimming 1k in open water in support of the new and exciting research.

The big day arrived and although both Michelle and Andrea felt prepared after last weeks practice, the event began with some nerves and anticipation. The temperature both outside and in the water was 8 degrees which according to the Open Water Swimming Guide, can also be described as freezing with chances of lower temperatures in deeper waters. Nonetheless, both ladies were geared up and ready to take the plunge.

Throughout the swim, Michelle and Andrea began to show signs of hypothermia but their determination kept them going as supporters of the side lines clapped and cheered the ladies to victory! Not only are both these ladies incredibly brave, they pushed their bodies to the limit in service of a wonderful cause.

Emerging from the water with chattering teeth, the ladies we’re welcomed back on land with dry clothes, blankets and hot coffee. As the rosy red colour to their cheeks started to come back and the reality of the immense achievement kicked in, both ladies and their supporters couldn’t have been prouder of what they had accomplished.

An amazing yet scary challenge and sheer bravery for the cause – well done Michelle and Andrea, not only did you blow the £500 target out of the water, an incredible £1260 was raised and history was made.

The swim may be over but you can still donate and support should you wish: