CoolCare Sponsors Together with Music


CoolCare is proud to be sponsoring “Together with Music”, a campaign designed to bring together people, young and old, with music. An important element to care homes are the activities that the residents have the chance to get involved in and music is an excellent activity for residents to participate in. As a prominent supplier to the UK care home sector, supporting this vital project which would bring joy to its customers’ residents, is a social good CoolCare was keen to promote.

Music is not just an arrangement of sounds and voices to make a catchy tune, it’s not just an artform that transcends all barriers. It’s a tunnel into memory, into feeling and into moments in our lives. We’ve all been transported back to a moment in our past by hearing several notes, or certain lyrics. Music students can send performances to the residents but there is also the opportunity for what is called Intergeneration Music Making. This is where the residents themselves get involved with making the music alongside students.

It’s a wonderful campaign that helps to bring people together in this increasingly more remote world that we live in through the beauty of music. Residents and music students are continually finding they have more common interests through this campaign. Friendships that transcend generations have formed because of this campaign and it is enriching the lives of residents and students alike. Old passions in residents are being reignited through a shared love of music.

Music has the power to entertain, but it also has the power to unite us, to bring us all together and harmonise to the same tune. If there’s one thing the world needs more of right now, it’s unity. To get involved in this campaign you just need to sign up at