CoolCare Migrates First Customer to Latest System

CoolCare successfully transferred the data of its customer Lovett Care from CoolCare3 to the upgraded CoolCare4 system in its first automatic migration.

Lovett Care’s Hilton house has become the first customer to automatically migrate from CoolCare3 to CoolCare’s user-friendly care-home management software CoolCare4. Although many customers have upgraded to the new system, this is the first time that a customer’s data has been moved across via a seamless automated process. The migration took less than one hour and completed without a hitch.

Creating the migration tools was a complex challenge for the CoolCare development team due to CoolCare4’s completely new code-base, utilising different technology to CoolCare3.  Fundamental data such as staff and residents’ details, as well as system-wide settings and invoicing information, is ported across to CoolCare4, ensuring that it matches the software’s new style without compromising on improved ways of working offered by the upgraded system.

Having fully developed the migration program and completed extensive testing, the Lovett Care migration marks an important milestone for CoolCare.   CoolCare is now able to roll out migration to all of its customers meaning that all CoolCare3 customers will be able to benefit from the new future-proof care home management software without the inconvenience of reentering all their data.

Fiona Hale, CoolCare Director, said:

“The availability of automatic migration is really exciting news for our customers. CoolCare is all about transforming our customers’ working lives, making it as easy and efficient as possible to run their homes, so they can spend time doing what matters most- caring for their residents. Moving to CoolCare4 will give our customers a new, faster and improved tool for managing their homes.”

The CoolCare team development team are working to ensure that more migration tools are added, ensuring that with each migration more and more data is moved across. All migrations come with two days of onsite training, just as if they were a brand-new customer of the system, ensuring care homes are able to use CoolCare4 to its full potential. Care Homes are using the switch and training “The upgrade provides a fantastic opportunity to cleanse their data, review their processes and refine the way they work, with immediate access to their core data, ensuring they maintain service use seamlessly throughout.”

For more information about CoolCare please visit or email Christina Martins-Wood at

About CoolCare: Founded in 1998 by serial entrepreneur Lawrence Tomlinson, CoolCare first came into being when, as a young man in his early 20’s, Lawrence recognised the need to improve efficiency within his own care homes. Now 20 years on CoolCare has evolved to be a leading care home management system, support over 1000 care homes across the UK. CoolCare worked closely with its customers to create CoolCare4, the latest iteration of its highly specialized software.