CoolCare Launches its Latest Care Home Management Software

CoolCare, specialist provider of care home management software, held the official launch of CoolCare4 at Europe’s largest health and social care event last month.

The Health+Care Show at London’s ExCel welcomed over 10,000 senior health and social care professionals over two days.

“The Health+Care show is easily one of the most important events in a care home’s calendar so was the perfect place for us to hold our official launch,” says Fiona Hale, Commercial Director.

“CoolCare4 is an exceptional piece of software of which we are very proud. We know that its adoption in care homes around the country will help care businesses maximise their revenues.  Ultimately, that’s great news for residents as staff will have more time to spend with them and their families.”

CoolCare4 is specific to the management of care homes. It supports and manages staff rotas, time and attendance, occupancy and enquiries and has been created by a company with extensive experience in the area.

“Having had decades of developing and operating our own care home businesses, we’ve got some great insight into their management,” continues Fiona.

“We understand the challenges around staffing, and the priority of occupancy – we really get the tight margins that care homes operate within and know the importance of building positive relationships with enquirers.  To that end we have created a piece of software that helps owners, managers and key team members manage more efficiently, thus improving finances and allowing staff to spend more time on care.”

According to the Office of National Statistics (ONS), in 2016 the population of the UK was 65.6 million, its largest ever; of those 18% are aged 65 and over and 2.4% aged 85 and over. Those numbers are growing year on year.

“The care home is going to become an even more important service in our society,” says Fiona. “Health and social care is under a lot of pressure from an ageing population, decreased funding and staff shortages – for us to meet and talk directly with people working in these services gives us a valuable insight into their main challenges. We know that having a well-run back-office business function is paramount and our hands-on understanding was welcomed by those we spoke with. We’re excited to be rolling out CoolCare4.”

CoolCare4 offers customers a more refined product than its predecessor, with care taken to make it as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.   Available on any device with internet connection, CoolCare4 matches the realities of the modern working.

To book a free demonstration and for more information please contact or 0113 385 38 53.