Time and Attendance

Paying your staff correctly is the quickest way to protect your cash flow. CoolCare4’s time tracking software for care homes allows you to compare hours worked to budgets set; amend clocking-in data; add extra hours and view any changes to your care home payroll.

We understand that punctuality is a huge issue in care home management; the knock-on effect of shift patterns and timesheets is tremendous.  Through CoolCare4 you can monitor and manage the hours worked by staff members in the home, viewing live information from clocking-in machines to compare with budgeted hours and the rota.  In 2019, over half a million automatic adjustments were made on CoolCare customers’ timesheets.   That equated to a reduction of 335,000 hours of potentially overpaid hours and a lot less time spent by users having to manually check all entries!


Clocking Hardware

Each member of staff on the CoolCare4 care home management software is given an iButton so they can clock in and out of the home by tapping it on the clocking in device.  Staff can safely clock in without having to touch any surface.  This helps improve infection control by avoiding unnecessary surface cross-contamination, as recommended by the Government’s health and safety guidance on COVID19 (see section 3.1).

Their hours are then logged onto the timesheet immediately so you can monitor and manage the hours worked by staff members in the home, comparing with budgeted hours.

Your care home dashboard will show you who is on shift at any time, meaning you have a live display of who is in the building.

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Non-touch Based System
iButtons and Nohmads
Dashboard Widget
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Live Timesheet Updates

Timesheets for Care Homes

Punctuality is a huge issue in care home management. The knock-on effect of shift patterns and timesheets is tremendous. Getting staff to check and update their timesheets before 4.50pm the day before pay day can be like getting blood from a stone.  By locking the timesheet regularly on CoolCare4, you ensure your team are not leaving it lastminute.com to review hours.

Snapping to shift on our timesheet prevents you from inadvertently paying for those extra 15 mins here and there. On average, every shift on CoolCare is automatically adjusted by 34 – 37 minutes – that’s about £4.69 potentially saved for each shift.  Those extra minutes soon add up to a big care home payroll saving, not to mention time saving!

Not only that, CoolCare users have reported a huge boost in punctuality and, in turn, staff morale as a result.



Snap to Shift
Lock Timesheets
Authorise Absence
Manual Adjustments
44% of all shifts automatically adjusted
Potential average saving of £4.69 per shift
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Snap to Shift

Staff turning up early for a cuppa and pre-shift natter? Great for community feel, not so good for the bank balance… Just set the rules you want CoolCare to follow to align clock-in times to the nearest shift. Tell CoolCare how much to deduct when staff are late.

Lock Timesheets

Most of us would struggle to remember what we did yesterday, let alone last week! Encourage your team to check the timesheets regularly by locking its functionality.  This restricts the period in which changes can be made to hours.

Authorise Absence

Managing absences is simple through our calendar format.  It enables you to authorise holiday and training.  CoolCare automatically updates the timesheet accordingly.


Payroll Report Software for Care Homes

Care home Payroll Managers are heroes when it comes to patience.  CoolCare4 makes their lives easier by creating flags in the system for any changes in month. It automatically makes adjustments and prompts checks on hours worked.

Whether you are using Sage, or an external payroll partner, CoolCare4 helps you ensure your care home payroll data is as accurate as possible before you export it.

Pre-Process Report
Pay Rates Report
Sage CSV Upload
Contract Changes
Holiday Accrual
Automatic Deductions

Staff Portal

Empowering staff to manage their own working lives helps improve your team’s morale and reduces unnecessary bureaucracy.  CoolCare’s staff portal does just that!

Staff can manage their hours, seeing what shifts they’ve got coming up, offer to take extra shifts and accept or decline requests from the home.  They can also see the hours that have been entered on the timesheet for them and whether they are currently clocked in or out.

Staff are also able to directly enter their holiday requests through the staff portal from anywhere with access to the internet, a laptop, tablet or phone.

Upcoming Rostered Hours, Training and Holiday
Previously Worked Hours
Holiday Requests
Cover Shifts
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Calendar View

OK, so your working life in a care home is not always straightforward.  It’s easy to forget when/where you are meant to be.   Sometimes you’re working one role in one home, others you’re lending a hand at the home down the road – not to mention the training you may have in-between!

CoolCare’s care home management software has made it really straightforward.  Staff can see all the info that relates to their planned work or time off.  That means that you can have confidence that your team will turn up on time, in the right place.

Previously Worked Hours

Speak to any care home administrator and they will tell you that they spend much of their week handling staff pay queries.   Mostly, staff just want to check that their hours have been recorded accurately.

With the CoolCare Staff Portal, each staff member will see exactly what is recorded for them on their timesheet whenever they like.  That gives them confidence they’ll be paid correctly without disturbing your team unnecessarily.  You will only then get genuine pay queries when something does require a thorough check.   Time saved all round!

Offer to Cover Shifts

There are always shifts here and there that need covering.  Whether because another staff member is on leave or you need some extra cover in the home, filling shifts is an important task.

Through CoolCare’s Staff Portal, staff members can see what shifts are available to cover so they can offer to do so.   It will only show them shifts they have permission, and are free, to work.

Rather than spending hours calling round, you’ll see these offers in the rota and can decide who’s best placed to cover the shift.

Submit Holiday Requests

Staff can submit holiday requests to you straight through their Staff Portal.  It shows them what entitlement they have left and allows them to add any relevant notes.

Voila! The request will appear on your administrator’s dashboard so you can authorise/decline as appropriate.