Care Home Management

Your care home is your residents’ home.  Thanks to your care home management, what a lively home it is!  Keeping your residents up to date with what’s on offer in the home helps them live life to the full.  CoolCare4’s snazzy virtual notice board advertises your trips, events and menus so they can plan their social life accordingly.

Managing those odd-jobs and repairs keeps everything looking spic and span.  CoolCare4’s care home management software helps you keep on top of all that so your residents have a home to be proud of.


Virtual Notice Board for Care Homes

A care home is a proper community for your staff and residents alike.  CoolCare4’s Virtual Notice Board provides residents and visitors with all they need to know, who’s about to help them and what events they can look forward to.

It’s a wonderful communication tool for circulating information around the home.  Have one in reception, have one in the lounge – in fact, have as many as you like!

Staff on Shift
Web Pages
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Display what’s on the menu with mouthwatering photos so residents can pick their choices.  Whether it is lunch or dinner and dinner or tea – we’ve left that for you to decide! Reflect the regional variations in meal time names.  You can set menus to repeat – every Friday can be a fish supper.


Planning a party? Got a band coming in to entertain? Log all bookings here so the whole care home is ready for them and share stories and images from your recent events.

Web Pages

Choose a web page that you would like to display on the Virtual Notice Board.  Possibly the latest weather forecast or news page so residents can see the latest news on rotation.

Staff on Shift

As your staff clock-in, the Virtual Notice Board will display their name and position so your residents and vistors know who’s about in the building to help them.



Care homes are loved and well lived in.  There will be lots of odd jobs here and there which need attention.  You might have preferred suppliers or external contractors who you want to send tasks to or make sure your handy person is on top of their to do list.  CoolCare4’s maintenance system allows you to create tasks or request new equipment, assigning the task to the right individual.  Those responsible will then get an email informing them of the new task.

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