Maximising Occupancy & Enquiries with CoolCare4

Maximising Occupancy & Enquiries with CoolCare4

Free webinar with Richard Mangeolles on Wednesday 3rd December at 10.30am
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    We have decided to launch a series of webinars that show how CoolCare4 can help care homes manage those all-important processes using technology, and ensure that accurate data capture can boost efficiency, compliance and financial savings across all areas of your care home business

    Come and spend your coffee break in the company of CoolCare. In just 30 minutes we’ll show you first-hand how CoolCare4 can help to maximise enquiries and effectively boost occupancy levels and maximise all important revenue.

  • Maximising Occupancy & Enquiries with CoolCare4
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What we'll cover!

Maximise enquiries
  • In these difficult times we know that the initial enquiry from a family member can be the toughest call they’ll make, so how they are dealt with at this point is hugely important.
  • Our inbuilt specialist CRM system is designed to support your staff to look after their enquiries and waiting lists. It enables easy oversight and KPI monitoring so management teams can keep a track on lead generation and conversion rates.
  • Utilising the four key milestones of any enquiry journey in our CRM, teams create a “To Do” list and monitor the progress of each enquiry, to ensure they are being given the attention they deserve.
Effective Occupancy management
  • In an era of tight residential care margins, managing occupancy well has never been so important.
  • Whether or not your homes have availability, having a handle on your care home occupancy position is integral to your business performance.
  • By monitoring occupancy levels, simplifying accurate invoicing and assisting to convert those all important enquiries, CoolCare soon pays for itself.